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Rainbow Gallery

This page may not contain all items available from Rainbow Gallery. If you do not see what you are looking for please email us and if possible we will add the item to this page or order it for you.

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Rainbow Gallery - Frosty Rays
Product No: 679651
Supplier Code: RGFRY

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 3.99

SALE PRICE: $ 3.19 - (SAVE 20 %)
Y001 Sand Gloss
Y002 Golden Gray gloss
Y003 Lite Fawn Gloss
Y004 Fawn Gloss
Y005 Pale Pink Gloss
Y007 Rose Peach Gloss
Y010 Rose Pink Gloss
Y012 Passionatee Purple Gloss
Y013 Baby Pink Gloss
Y014 Silver Pink Gloss
Y015 Lite Antique Mauve Gloss
Y017 Fuchsia Gloss
Y018 Pale Fucshia Gloss
Y019 Black Sparkle Gloss
Y020 Dark Antique Mauve Gloss
Y021 Black Sparkle gloss
Y022 Aqua Gloss
Y023 Dark Waters Gloss
Y024 Turquoise Gloss
Y025 Lite Sea Green Gloss
Y026 Christmas Green Gloss
Y027 Sea Green Gloss
Y028 Dark Aqua Gloss
Y029 Deep Sea Green Gloss
Y030 Pale Antique Blue Gloss

Y031 Lite Blue Blush Gloss
Y032 Lite Antique Blue Gloss
Y033 Pale Sapphire Gloss
Y034 Lite Sapphire Gloss
Y035 Med Sapphire Gloss
Y036 Dark Sapphire Gloss
Y038 Aqua Shimmer Gloss
Y040 Medium Blue Gloss
Y042 Dark Blue Gloss
Y043 Very Dark Blue Gloss
Y045 Dark Antique Blue Gloss
Y046 Midnight Blue Gloss
Y047 Lite Blue Gloss
Y048 Sky Blue Gloss
Y049 Pale Silver Aqua Gloss
Y050 Antique Blue Gloss
Y051 Gray Blush Gloss
Y052 Pale Periwinkle Gloss
Y053 Med Periwinkle Gloss
Y054 Dark Periwinkle Gloss
Y055 Lavender Gloss
Y056 Medium Purple Gloss
Y057 Dark Purple Gloss
Y058 Yellow Gold Gloss
Y059 Golden Yellow Gloss

Y060 Light Tan Gloss
Y061 Yellow Gloss
Y062 Golden Tan Gloss
Y063 Medium Tan Gloss
Y064 Copper Gloss
Y065 Golden Brown Gloss
Y066 Bronze Gloss
Y067 Brown Sparkle Gloss#1
Y068 Dark Peach Gloss
Y069 Black Gloss
Y070 Black Gold Gloss
Y071 Christmas Red Gloss
Y072 Dark Red Gloss
Y073 Pale Antique Gloss
Y075 Pale Gray Gloss
Y076 Violet Gloss
Y077 Lite Violet Gloss
Y079 Antique Violet Gloss
Y080 Red Violet Gloss
Y081 Grass Green Gloss
Y082 Lt Christmas Green
Y083 Med Christmas Green Gloss
Y084 Med Olive Green Gloss
Y085 Green Gloss
Y086 Dk Olive Green Gloss

Y087 Vy Dk Olive Green Gloss
Y088 Yellow Sparkle Gloss
Y089 Sea Green Gloss
Y090 Green Sparkle Gloss
Y091 Midnight Green Gloss
Y094 Medium Orange Gloss
Y095 Orange Gloss
Y096 Silver Blue Blush Gloss
Y097 Brown Sparkle Gloss#2
Y098 Brown Gloss
Y099 Silvery Pink Gloss
Y101 Brite Yellow Pearl
Y102 Yellow Pearl
Y103 Ecru Pearl
Y104 Golden Yellow Pearl
Y105 Eggshell Pearl
Y106 Pale Pink Pearl
Y107 Lite Rose Pearl
Y108 Rose Pink Pearl
Y109 Baby Pink Pearl
Y110 Lite Ant Mauve Pearl
Y111 Antique Mauve Pearl
Y112 Fuchsia Pearl
Y117 Pale Antique Violet Pearl
Y118 Violet Pearl

Y119 Antique Violet Pearl
Y121 Pale Violet Pearl
Y124 Pink Blush Pearl
Y125 Pale Peaqch Pearl
Y127 Dark Peach Pearl
Y128 Very Dark Peach Pearl
Y130 Orange Pearl
Y134 Grass Green Pearl
Y136 Lite Sea Green Pearl
Y137 Pale Sea Green Pearl
Y147 Aqua Pearl
Y148 Pale Aqua Pearl
Y150 Lite Fawn Pearl
Y151 Lite Tan Pearl
Y153 Old Gold Pearl
Y160 Lite Blue Pearl
Y165 Pale Sapphire Pearl
Y170 Pale Periwinkle Pearl
Y171 Med Periwinkle Pearl
Y172 Dark Periwinkle Pearl
Y189 Blue Blush Pearl
Y190 Gray Blush Pearl
Y191 Pale Gray Pearl
Y193 Dark Gray Pearl
Y194 Rose Pearl

Y201 Pale Gold Ice
Y203 Silver Ice
Y208 Multi Black Ice
Y209 Multi Blue Ice
Y210 Medium Blue Ice
Y213 Turquoise Ice
Y216 Purple Ice
Y217 White Pearl Ice
Y218 Gold Ice
Y219 Peach Ice
Y220 Pale Blue Ice
Y221 Lilac Ice
Y222 Violet Ice
Y223 Pink Ice
Y225 Gray Ice
Y228 Watery Blue Ice
Y310 Lite Ash Rose Gloss
Y311 Ash Rose Gloss
Y312 Dark Ash Rose Gloss
Y318 Midnight Red Gloss
Y320 Pale Rose Violet Gloss
Y321 Rose Violet Gloss
Y322 Dp Rose Violet Gloss
Y328 Lite Cranberry Gloss
Y329 Cranberry Gloss

Y330 Vatican Gold Gloss
Y332 Dark Peach Gloss
Y334 Rose Gloss
Y337 Golden Fawn Gloss
Y338 Dark Golden Fawn Gloss
Y339 Med Grass Green Gloss
Y340 Christmas Green Sparkle Gloss
Y341 Christmas Red Sparkle Gloss
Y342 Peach Gloss
Y343 American Beauty Gloss
Y344 Wild Rose Gloss
Y345 Dark Christmas Green Gloss
Y346 Deep Blue Gloss
Y347 Goldenrod Gloss
Y348 Burnt Orange Gloss
Y349 Marine Blue Gloss
Y350 Rosewood Gloss
Y351 Deep Garnet Gloss
Y352 Red Swirls Gloss
Y353 Rose Sparkle Gloss
Y354 Violet Sparkle Gloss
Y355 Tree Green Gloss
Y356 Dusty Rose Gloss
Y357 Lite Beige Gloss
Y358 Dark Pewter Gloss

Y359 Very Dark Red Gloss
Y360 Dark Rose Gloss
Y361 Very Dark Pewter Gloss
Y362 Dark Green Gloss
Y363 Antique Gold Gloss
Y364 Silver Taupe Gloss
Y365 Midnight Fuchsia Gloss
Y366 Cherry Gloss
Y367 Midnight Blue Gloss
Y368 Pumpkin Gloss
Y369 Lite Pumpkin Gloss
Y370 Royal Blue Gloss
Y371 Black Silver Gloss
Y372 Lite Red Violet Gloss
Y373 Lite Green Gloss
Y374 Antique Mauve Gloss
Y375 Dark Antique Mauve
Y376 Dark Pumpkin Gloss
Y377 Dark Royal Blue Gloss
Y378 Ruby Red Gloss
Y379 Delft Blue Gloss
Y380 Bright Blue Gloss
Y381 Night Sky Blue Gloss
Y382 24 Karat Gold
Y383 Royal Purple

Y384 Lite Olive Green
Y385 Raspberry
Y386 Mardi Gras
Y387 Fuchsia Swirl
Y388 Winter Blue Ice
Y389 Lime Green Gloss

Rainbow Gallery - Frosty Rays Petite
Product No: 699345
Supplier Code: RGFRYP

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 3.99

SALE PRICE: $ 3.19 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint 14 to 18ct. Long Stitch 14-24ct
PY001 Sand Gloss
PY004 Fawn Gloss
PY013 Baby Pink Gloss
PY017 Fuchsia Gloss
PY019 Black Sparkle Gloss
PY020 Dark Antique Mauve Gloss
PY022 Aqua Gloss
PY023 Dark Waters Gloss
PY024 Turquoise Gloss
PY025 Lite Sea Green Gloss
PY026 Christmas Green Gloss
PY027 Sea Green Gloss
PY028 Dark Aqua Gloss
PY029 Deep Sea Green Gloss
PY031 Lite Blue Blush Gloss
PY032 Lite Antique Blue Gloss
PY036 Dark Sapphire Gloss
PY040 Medium Blue Gloss
PY042 Dark Blue Gloss
PY043 Very Dark Blue Gloss
PY045 Dark Antique Blue Gloss
PY051 Gray Blush Gloss
PY053 Med Periwinkle Gloss
PY054 Dark Periwinkle Gloss
PY057 Dark Purple Gloss

PY060 Light Tan Gloss
PY061 Yellow Gloss
PY062 Golden Tan Gloss
PY063 Medium Tan Gloss
PY064 Copper Gloss
PY066 Bronze Gloss
PY069 Black Gloss
PY070 Black Gold Gloss
PY071 Christmas Red Gloss
PY072 Dark Red Gloss
PY076 Violet Gloss
PY080 Red Violet Gloss
PY081 Grass Green Gloss
PY083 Med Christmas Green Gloss
PY084 Med Olive Green Gloss
PY085 Green Gloss
PY086 Dk Olive Green Gloss
PY087 Vy Dark Olive Green Gloss
PY094 Medium Orange Gloss
PY095 Orange Gloss
PY101 Brite Yellow Pearl
PY102 Yellow Pearl
PY103 Ecru Pearl
PY104 Golden Yellow Pearl
PY106 Pale Pink Pearl

PY109 Baby Pink Pearl
PY151 Lite Tan Pearl
Py153 Old Gold Pearl
PY189 Blue Blush Pearl
PY201 Pale Gold Ice
PY203 Silver Ice
PY217 White Pearl Ice
PY218 Gold Ice
PY318 Midnight Red Gloss
PY334 Rose Gloss
PY343 American Beauty Gloss
PY344 Wild Rose Gloss
PY345 Dark Christmas Green Gloss
PY354 Violet Sparkle Gloss
PY361 Very Dk Pewter Gloss
PY367 Midnight Blue Gloss
PY368 Pumpkin Gloss
PY369 Lite Pumpkin Gloss
PY370 Royal Blue Gloss
PY371 Black Silver Gloss
PY372 Lite Red Violet Gloss
PY373 Lite Green Gloss
PY374 Antique Mauve Gloss
PY375 Dk Antique Mauve
PY376 Dark Pumpkin Gloss

PY377 Dark Royal Blue
PY378 Ruby Red Gloss
PY379 Delft Gloss
PY380 Bright Blue Gloss
PY381 Nite Sky Blue Gloss
PY382 24 Karat
PY383 Royal Purple
PY384 Lite Olive Green
PY385 Raspberry
PY386 Mardi Gras
PY387 Fuchsia Swirl
PY388 Winter Blue Ice
PY389 Lime Green gloss
PY401 Lt Blue Multi
PY402 Pastel Pink
PY403 Lite Icy Blue
PY404 Icy Blue
PY405 Autumn Orange
PY406 New Copper
PY407 Old Copper
PY408 Lagoon
PY409 Scarlet
PY410 Lite Periwinkle
PY411 Dark Periwinkle
PY412 Black Cherry

PY413 Orange Pop
PY414 Awesome Gold
PY415 Aqua Splash
PY416 Orchid Ice
PY417 Lavender Ice
PY418 Persian Violet
PY419 Deep Dark Peri
PY420 Razzberry
PY421 Limoncello
PY422 Kiwi Kissed
PY423 Caribbean Sea
PY424 Azure
PY425 Lily Pad
PY426 High Tide
PY427 Melon
PY428 Tinsel
PY429 Phantom

Rainbow Gallery - Fuzzy Stuff
Product No: 666690
Supplier Code: RGFS

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 3.55

SALE PRICE: $ 2.84 - (SAVE 20 %)

Fuzzy Stuff is ideal for fur, snow and fun. All 37 colors are shown. There are whites, browns for teddy bears, grays and black for cats, Christmas Red and Burgundy for Santa's Coat, Christmas Greens for trees and wild colors for halloween and more. 2 ply-14 count, 1 ply-18 count, cross stitch 1 ply-9 to 10 count

click here to view larger image of Rainbow Gallery - Fuzzy Stuff (fiber)

FZ01 Gray
FZ02 Black
FZ04 Brite Blue
FZ05 Navy Blue
FZ06 Dusty Blond
FZ07 Dark Brown
FZ08 Brite Orange
FZ09 Lime Green
FZ10 Tree Green
FZ11 Fuchsia
FZ12 Cranberry
FZ13 Red
FZ14 Burgundy
FZ15 White
FZ16 Wedgewood
FZ17 Christmas Green
FZ18 Christmas Red
FZ20 Camel
FZ21 Brown
FZ22 Yellow
FZ23 Gold
FZ24 Purple
FZ25 Pink
FZ26 Ant White
FZ27 Ecru

FZ28 Dark Tree Green DISC USE FZ40
FZ29 Lite Golden Brown
FZ30 Golden Brown
FZ31 Dark Golden Brown
FZ32 Leaf Green
FZ34 Pale Yellow
FZ35 Pale Blue
FZ36 Pale Gray
FZ37 Royal Blue
FZ38 Blond
FZ39 Cinnamon
FZ40 Dark Emerald
FZ41 Dark Pearl Gray
FZ42 Dove Gray
FZ43 Chocolate Lab
FZ44 Toasted Almond

Rainbow Gallery - Fyre Werks
Product No: 679652
Supplier Code: RGFRW

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 4.95

SALE PRICE: $ 3.96 - (SAVE 20 %)
F1 Dark Gold
F2 Gold
F3 Vatican Gold
F4 Gold Shimmer
F5 Silver
F6 Silver Shimmer
F8 New Copper
F9 Copper
F31 Black
F34 Green
F36 New Royal Blue
F38 New Red
F43 Purple
F45 White Pearl

Rainbow Gallery - Fyre Werks - Soft Sheen
Product No: 699354
Supplier Code: RGFRWSS

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 4.95

SALE PRICE: $ 3.96 - (SAVE 20 %)

SOFT SHEEN: Fyre Werks with less of a shine, more of a glint of metallic, rather than a very bright shine. It is stitched the same way as the regular Fyre Werks.
FT1 Mocha
FT2 Chocolate
FT3 Pumpkin
FT4 Loden Green
FT5 Navy Blue
FT6 Brite Christmas Red
FT7 Lavender
FT8 Dark Violet
FT9 Rose
FT10 White Pearl
FT11 Black
FT12 Pewter
FT13 Charcoal
FT14 Vatican Gold
FT15 Old Gold
FT16 Gunmetal
FT17 Delft Blue
FT18 Yellow Gold
FT19 Aqua
FT20 Raspberry
FT21 Lite Copper
FT22 Emerald Green
FT23 Lite Purple
FT24 Purple
FT25 Lite Multi

FT26 Bronze
FT27 Tree Green
FT28 Royal Blue
FT29 Pink
FT30 Red
FT31 Dark Purple
FT32 Dark Teal
FT33 Moonglow
FT34 Red Orange
FT35 Smoke Gray
FT36 French Blue
FT37 Rain Gray
FT38 Dark Red
FT39 Lite Blue
FT40 Dark Periwinkle
FT41 Pistachio
FT42 Plum
FT43 Lite Aqua
FT44 New Copper
FT45 Lite Avocado
FT46 Avocado
FT47 Peony
FT48 Silver Frost
FT49 Platinum
FT50 Old Brass

FT51 Copper
FT52 Lite Tree Green
FT53 Espresso
FT54 Ocean Blue
FT55 Midnight Blue
FT56 Vintage Gold
FT57 Merlot
FT58 Gold
FT59 Tawny Gold
FT60 Melon
FT61 Wisteria
FT62 Granite
FT63 Vintage Silver
FT64 Dark Aqua
FT65 Sea Spray
FT66 Orchid
FT67 Inca Gold
FT68 Daiquiri Green
FT69 Burnt Orange
FT70 Chartreuse
FT71 Purple Rain
FT72 Azure Seas
FT73 Christmas Red
FT74 Jade
FT75 Coral

FT76 Lilac
FT78 Purple Haze
FT79 Champagne
FT80 Pink Pearl
FT81 Lilac Pearl
FT82 Peach Pearl
FT83 Mint Pearl
FT84 Yellow Pearl
FT85 Cashmere Rose
FT86 Sharp Green
FT87 Vibrant Orange
FT88 Super Pink
FT89 Misty Beige
FT90 Wild Magenta
FT91 Mediterranean
FT92 Azure Blue
FT93 Star Sapphire
FT94 Chocolate Kiss
FT95 Plum Perfect
FT96 Ginger Spice

Rainbow Gallery - Glisten
Product No: 786659
Supplier Code:

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 3.20

SALE PRICE: $ 2.56 - (SAVE 20 %)
G01 Jet Black
G02 Snow White
G03 Vanilla Ice
G04 Silvery Moon
G05 Mystic Iris
G06 Crystal Rose
G07 Paris Pink
G08 Radiant Orchid
G09 Sparkling Grape
G10 Glisten Greenery
G11 Blazing Yellow
G12 Sunglow
G13 Orange Popsicle
G14 Blue Jewel
G15 High Risk Pink
G16 Tawney Port
G17 Bermuda Grass
G18 Frosty Spruce
G19 Forest Night
G20 Blue Twinkle
G21 Starry Night
G22 Moonshine
G23 Golden Glow
G24 Chocolate Pudding
G25 Glacier

G26 Grecian Isle
G27 Orchid Ice
G28 Passion Flower
G29 Peach Melba
G30 Copper Penny
G31 Sea Blue
G32 Hawaiian Ocean
G33 Sheer Lilac
G34 Purple Rain
G35 Magenta
G36 Brilliant Blue
G37 True Navy
G38 Creme De Menthe
G39 Greenbrier
G40 Pine Green
G41 Barely Pink
G42 Heather Rose
G43 White Sand
G44 Grass Green
G45 Heirloom Tomato
G46 Crimson
G47 Chartreuse
G48 Blazing Yellow
G49 Cappuccino
G50 Stonewash

G51 Tempest
G52 Purple Haze
G53 Caribbean Green
G54 Medieval Forest
G55 Fall Leaf
G56 Tandori Spice
G57 Pesto
G58 Tangerine
G59 Raspberry Sorbet
G60 Atlantic Deep
G61 Byzantine Purple
G62 Classic Blue
G63 Fierry Red
G64 American Beauty
G65 Kelly Green
G66 Fern Green
G67 Sahara Sun
G68 Evening Sand
G69 Pistachio
G70 Heather
G71 Night Shadow Blue
G72 Blue Surf
G73 Misty Gold
G74 Asparagus
G75 Violet

G76 Azure Tide
G77 Cranberry Splash
G78 Deep Merlot
G79 Brown Sugar
G80 Cocoa
G81 Powder Blue
G82 Lemon Grass
G83 Bamboo
G84 Seashell Pink
G85 Rose Tan
G86 Briar Rose
G87 Hearts Desire
G88 Guacamole
G89 Green Olive
G90 Candy Pink
G91 Honeydew
G93 Turf Paradise
G94 Deep Forest
G95 Calypso Coral
G96 Madeira Red
G97 Royal Purple
G98 Black Iris
G99 Fern Green
G100 Ivy
G101 Bridal Blue

G102 Blue Grotto
G103 Neon Pink
G104 Neon Orange
G105 Neon Yellow
G106 Neon Green

Rainbow Gallery - Gold Rush 14
Product No: 699360
Supplier Code: RGGR14

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 2.55

SALE PRICE: $ 2.04 - (SAVE 20 %)

13 - 16ct
WG1C Brassy Gold
WG2C Gold
WG3C Gold N Silver
WG4C Arctic Gold
WG5C Silver
WG6C Spanish Silver
WG9C Bronze
WG23C Copper
WG25C Pale Gold
WG27C Vatican Gold
WG31C Black
WG32C Dark Brown
WG33C Olive
WG34C Green
WG35C White Gold
WG36C Jet Blue
WG37C Turquoise
WG38C Red
WG39C Orange Gold
WG40C Fuchsia
WG41C Pink
WG42C Pale Blue
WG43C Purple
WG44C Forest Green
WG45C Emerald

WG46C Cherry
WG51C Jade Sparkle
WG53C Violet Blush
WG54C Pale Rose
WG55C Old Rose
WG60C Baby Blue
WG61C Cornflower Blue
WC62C Blue
WG63C Dark Blue
WG64C Midnight Blue
WG70C Pale Lilac
WG71C Pale Mauve
WG72C Mauve
WG73C Dark Mauve
WG80C Black Silver
WG81C Burgundy
WG82C Dk Forest Green
WG83C Black Gold
WG84C Deep Blue
WG85C Dark Purple
WG86C Lilac
WG87C Aquamarine
WG88C Peach
WG89C Lite Blue
WG92C Antique Gold

WG93C Dark Silver
WG94C Gunmetal
WG96C Aqua Ice
WG97C Mayan Gold
WG98C Peacock Blue
WG137C Aqua
J31C Obsidian
J34C Grass
J37C Aqua
J38C Chinese Red
J41C Rose
J43C Violet

Rainbow Gallery - Gold Rush 14 (Variegated)
Product No: 699374
Supplier Code: RGGR14V

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 2.70

SALE PRICE: $ 2.16 - (SAVE 20 %)

13 - 16ct
203C Aqua Multi
205C Pink/Blue/Gold
208C Jade Multi
209C Brown Mix
210C White Pearl
211C Gold Shimmer
213C Orange Shimmer
215C Yellow Shimmer
216C Lavender Mix
231C Black Mix
234C Green Mix
236C Dark Blue Mix
238C Red Mix
241C Pink Mix
242C Pale Blue Mix
246C Forest Green Multi
248C Burgundy Multi
249C Copper Multi
250C Dark Red Multi
251C Blue Shimmer
286C Violet Multi
287C Champagne Shimmer
288C Orange Sherbert

Rainbow Gallery - Gold Rush 18
Product No: 679655
Supplier Code: RGGR18

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 2.35

SALE PRICE: $ 1.88 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint on 18+ and cross stitch - metallic
GD2C Gold
GD5C Silver
GD9C Copper
GD10C White Pearl
GD26C Royal Blue
GD31C Black
GD32C Olive
GD33C Emerald
GD35C White Gold
GD38C Red
GD40C Mauve
GD42C Pale Blue
GD43C Purple
GD44C Medium Forest Green
GD45C Deep Red
GD64C Midnight Blue
GD102C Black Gold
GD105C Black Silver
GD109C Bronze
GD110C Peacock
GD126C Pewter
GD134C Deep Emerald
GD136C Navy Blue
GD137C Aqua

GD141C Lilac
GD142C Blue Shimmer
GD144C Forest Green
GD145C Fuchsia
GD146C Dark Forest Green

Rainbow Gallery - Gold Rush XS
Product No: 728814
Supplier Code: RGGRXS

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 2.60

SALE PRICE: $ 2.08 - (SAVE 20 %)

Fine, High Luster Metallic for Corss Stitch, 18ct. Needlepoint & Hardanger
X3 Red
X4 Green
X5 Silver
X6 Royal Blue
X7 Yellow Gold
X8 Pink
X12 Peacock Blue
X13 Fuchsia
X14 Lite Blue
X15 Purple
X16 Copper
X17 Forest Green
X18 Midnight Blue

Rainbow Gallery - Grandeur
Product No: 701055
Supplier Code:

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 4.25

SALE PRICE: $ 3.40 - (SAVE 20 %)

Twisted Silk Pearl #5. Use for 18m canvas, counted work, hardanger and tatting
Color:1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00

If the optional fiber/beads package is offered above and the designer has specified the quantities needed to complete the above item - all the necessary supplies are included. If the chart does not specify the amounts needed you will receive at least one package/skein/spool of the materials listed on the chart - in those cases more may need to be purchased. If optional fiber package is not offered as an add on - the fibers are not included in the chart price.
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Rainbow Gallery - Mandarin Bamboo floss
Product No: 679006
Supplier Code: RGMF

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 3.05

SALE PRICE: $ 2.44 - (SAVE 20 %)

100% Bamboo. This is a very soft and glossy 6-ply, strandable fiber. Use this fiber as one would normally use in both needlepoint and cross stitch.
M800 Cool White
M801 Black
M802 White
M803 Ecru
M804 Medium Raspberry
M805 Lite Antique Mauve
M807 Lite Violet
M808 Violet
M809 Ruby Red
M810 Cranberry
M811 Dark Burgundy
M812 Champagne
M813 Yellow
M815 Rust
M816 Lite Cedar One
M817 Cedar
M818 Olive
M819 Midnight Green
M820 Camel
M821 Dark Beige
M822 Dark Bark
M823 Powder Blue
M824 Dark Wedgewood
M825 Medium Navy
M826 Pearl Gray

M827 Lite Antique Blue
M828 Aqua
M829 Lite Sage
M830 Coffee Bean
M831 Lite Aqua
M832 Salmon
M833 Bark
M834 Lite Pistachio
M835 Medium Pistachio
M836 Pistachio
M837 Lite Terra Cotta
M838 Terra Cotta
M839 Lite Cedar Two
M840 Dark Cedar
M841 Lite Straw
M842 Straw
M843 Dark Straw
M844 Antique Mauve
M846 Deep Antique Mauve
M847 Antique Blue
M848 Dark Antique Blue
M850 Dark Raspberry
M851 Antique Viole
M852 Dark Violet
M853 Pale Peach Flesh

M854 Lite Peach Flesh
M855 Peach Flesh
M856 Dark Orange
M857 Confederate Gray
M858 Dark Confederate Gray
M859 Golden Yellow
M860 Dark Golden Yellow
M861 Lite Christmas Green
M863 Christmas Red
M865 Electric Blue
M866 Very Dark Violet
M869 Dark Periwinkle
M870 Very Dark Antique Blue
M871 Bright Orange
M872 Dark Ecru
M873 Pale Aqua
M874 Blue Aqua
M875 Lite Seafoam
M878 Lite Fawn
M879 Fawn
M880 Dark Fawn
M881 Dark Christmas Green
M882 Very Dark Raspberry
M883 Sage
M884 Medium Sage

M885 Dark Sage
M886 Dark Camel
M887 Lite Christmas Red
M888 Lite Electric Blue
M889 Dark Electric Blue
M890 Dark Navy
M891 Dark Pearl gray
M892 Lite Teal
M893 Teal
M894 Dark Teal
M895 Dark Salmon
M896 Sapphire
M897 Medium Taupe
M898 Dark Taupe
M899 Dark Antique Violet
M900 Wedgewood
M902 Sky Blue
M903 Drk Sky Blue
M904 Lite Yellow
M906 Forest Green
M907 Dark Forest Green
M908 Delft Blue
M910 Bubblegu
M911 Raspberry
M912 Lite Camel

M914 Loden Green
M915 Butterscotch
M916 Marigold
M917 Amethyst
M918 Powder Bronze
M919 Honey Bronze
M922 Twilight
M923 Misty Hills
M924 Sunset
M925 Meadow Land
M926 Night Fall
M927 Mardi Gras
M928 Green Hills
M929 Golden Hills
M930 Winter Sky
M931 Cobblestones

Rainbow Gallery - Neon Rays
Product No: 679657
Supplier Code: RGNR

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 4.80

SALE PRICE: $ 3.84 - (SAVE 20 %)
N01 Black
N02 White
N03 Pale Beige
N04 Mauve
N05 Dark Mauve
N06 Wine
N07 Lavender
N08 Ameythyst
N09 Purple
N10 Creme
N11 Pale Pink
N12 Pink
N14 Hot Pink
N15 Rose Pink
N16 Pale Peach
N17 Peach
N18 Dark Peach
N19 Watermelon
N20 Red
N21 Cherry
N22 Crimson
N25 Brick Red
N26 Burgundy
N29 Rust
N30 Dark Forest Green

N31 Forest Green
N32 Spruce Green
N33 Loden Green
N35 Pale Green
N36 Jade Green
N37 Celery
N38 Emerald
N40 Beige
N41 Champagne
N43 Khaki
N44 Lite Smoke Brown
N47 Honey Gold
N49 Butternut
N50 Chocolate
N51 Brown
N52 Bark
N53 Dark Brown
N54 Pale Blue
N55 True Blue
N56 Lite Blue
N59 Royal Blue
N60 Navy Blue
N61 Midnight Blue
N62 Sky Blue
N63 Lite Aqua

N64 Aqua
N66 Wedgewood
N67 Dark Teal
N68 Periwinkle
N69 Denim
N72 Pale Yellow
N73 Spring Green
N74 Golden Yellow
N76 Bright Yellow
N79 Bright Gold
N80 Gold
N81 Nutmeg
N82 Cinnamon
N83 Tangerine
N84 Olive
N85 Sage Green
N86 Avocado
N87 Willow Green
N92 Clay
N93 Gunmetal Gray
N94 Gray
N95 Dark Gray
N97 Granite
N98 Lite Lavender
N99 Deep Violet

N100 Brassy Gold
N101 Rose
N102 Antique White
N103 Indigo Blue
N104 Life Taupe
N105 Christmas Green
N106 Federal Blue
N107 Yellow Gold
N108 Yellow Orange
N109 Pewter
N110 Dark Pewter
N111 Lite Antique Rose
N112 Antique Rose
N113 Dark Antique Rose
N114 Lite Sea Foam
N115 Sea Foam
N116 Dark Sea Foam
N117 Medium Peach
N118 Christmas Red
N119 Candy Apple
N120 Merlot
N121 Lite Federal Blue
N122 Aquamarine
N123 Baby Blue
N124 Delft blue

N125 Dark Delft Blue
N126 Lilac
N127 Violet
N128 Orange
N129 Lt Christmas Green
N130 Dark Christmas Green
N131 Pale Iris
N132 Lite Iris
N133 Iris
N134 Old Gold
N135 Chartreuse
N136 Dark Rose Pink
N137 Limeade
N138 Lime
N139 Cornflower Blue
N140 Sun Gold
N141 Lime Sherbet
N142 Elephant Gray
N143 Orchid
N144 Pansy
N145 Lite French Blue
N146 French Blue
N147 Persimmon
N148 Silver Lining
N149 Golden Glow

N200 Imperial Blue

Rainbow Gallery - Neon Rays Plus- Metallic Sparkle
Product No: 679658
Supplier Code: RGNRMS

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 5.20

SALE PRICE: $ 4.16 - (SAVE 20 %)
NP01 Black
NP02 White
NP03 Pale Beige
NP04 Mauve
NP05 Dark Mauve
NP06 Wine
NP07 Lavender
NP08 Amethyst
NP09 Purple
NP10 Creme
NP11 Pale Pink
NP12 Pink
NP14 Hot Pink
NP15 Rose Pink
NP16 Pale Peach
NP17 Peach
NP18 Dark Peach
NP19 Watermelon
NP20 Red
NP21 Cherry
NP22 Crimson
NP25 Brick Red
NP26 Burgundy
NP29 Rust
NP30 Dark Forest Green

NP31 Forest Green
NP32 Spruce Green
NP33 Loden Green
NP37 Celery
NP43 Khaki
NP44 Lite Smoke Brown
NP47 Honey Gold
NP51 Brown
NP53 Dark Brown
NP54 Pale Blue
NP55 True Blue
NP56 Lite Blue
NP59 Royal Blue
NP60 Navy Blue
NP61 Midnight Blue
NP62 Sky Blue
NP63 Lite Aqua
NP64 Aqua
NP67 Dark Teal
NP68 Periwinkle
NP69 Denim
NP72 Pale Yellow
NP73 Spring Green
NP74 Golden Yellow
NP79 Brite Gold

NP80 Gold
NP81 Nutmeg
NP83 Halloween Orange
NP85 Sage Green
NP86 Avocado
NP87 Willow Green
NP92 Silver
NP95 Sage Green
NP97 Granite
NP98 Lite Lavender
NP100 Brassy Gold
NP101 Rose
NP102 Antique White
NP103 Indigo Blue
NP105 Christmas Green
NP106 Federal Blue
NP107 Yellow Gold
NP109 Pewter
NP110 Dark Pewter
NP112 Antique Rose
NP113 Dark Antique Rose
NP116 Dark Seafoam
NP117 Medium Peach
NP118 Christmas Red
NP119 Candy Apple

NP120 Merlot
NP122 Aquamarine
NP124 Delft Blue
NP130 Dark Christmas Green
NP133 Iris
NP134 Old Gold
NP135 Chartreuse
NP136 Dark Rose Pink
NP137 Limeade
NP138 Lime
NP139 Cornflower Blue
NP140 Sun Gold
NP141 Lime Sherbet
NP142 Elephant Grey
Np143 Orchid
NP144 Pansy
NP145 Lite French blue
NP146 French Blue
NP147 Persimmon
NP148 Silver Lining
NP149 Golden Glow
NP150 Platinum
NP200 Imperial Blue
NP201 Gold Sparkle
NP202 Silver Sparkle

NP209 Violet
NP219 Dark Watermelon
NP278 Buttercup
NP279 Honey Gold
NP280 Sand Gold
NP281 Persian Gold
NP300 White Glow in the Dark
NP301 Violet Glow in the Dark
NP302 Yellow Glow in the Dark
NP303 Chartreuse Glow in the Dark
NP304 Orange Glow in the Dark

Rainbow Gallery - Nordic Gold
Product No: 679020
Supplier Code: RGNG

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 2.76

SALE PRICE: $ 2.21 - (SAVE 20 %)

Nordic Gold is a very fine metallic that is excellent for needlepoint and hardanger. It also works well on 18 count aida fabric. If you hate to ply-up blending filament this will work well and you will not have the trouble with it curling and fighting you while you stitch. It is about the size of 2-3 plies of filament. (1 strand 18-24 count)
ND1 Pale Gold
ND2 Gold
ND3 Silver
ND4 White Pearl
ND5 Green
ND7 Black
ND10 Purple
ND11 Turquoise
ND12 Pink
ND16 Forest Green
ND17 Snow

Rainbow Gallery - Overture
Product No: 679019
Supplier Code: RGOV

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 3.85

SALE PRICE: $ 3.08 - (SAVE 20 %)

4 strands Overdyed cotton; 1 strand for 18ct, 2 strands on 12-14ct.
1 strand equivalent to #5 pearl cotton
V18 Sea Garden
V21 Westminster
V23 Oleander
V28 Lagoon
V29 Violets
V30 Sahara
V32 Taos
V34 Southhampton
V42 Red Hots
V51 Ambrosia
V52 Normandy
V53 Baton Rouge
V55 Monarch
V60 Blues & Reds
V61 Ocean Blue
V64 Preserves
V78 Waterfall
V80 Good & Plenty
V91 El Paso
V92 Berkeley
V93 Williamsburg
V94 Cambridge
V95 Phoenix
V97 Nevada
V98 Seven Springs

V99 Clay Hills
V101 Banana Split
V104 Caribbean
V107 Nursery
V115 Delphinium
V116 Kachina
V117 Posies
V119 Bouquet
V126 Timberland
V129 Scottsdale

Rainbow Gallery - Panache (Twisted Rayon)
Product No: 681712
Supplier Code: RGPN

Designer/Artist: Rainbow Gallery
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 2.70

SALE PRICE: $ 2.16 - (SAVE 20 %)

20 yards. Handwashable (test first), 100% Rayon. Suitable needlepoint 13 to 18ct and cross stitch 11 to 18ct.
PN01 Black
PN02 White
PN03 Silver
PN06 Fuchsia
PN07 Salmon
PN12 Purple
PN14 Christmas Red
PN15 Ruby Red
PN16 Burgundy
PN18 Dark Burgundy
PN20 Desert Sage
PN21 Olive
PN22 Oregano
PN23 Forest Green
PN24 Butterscotch
PN28 Marigold
PN30 Halloween Orange
PN31 Burnt Orange
PN33 Royal Blue
PN34 Lite Sky Blue
PN35 Cornflower
PN38 Navy
PN39 Ecru
PN40 Champagne
PN41 Mocha

PN42 Desert Tan
PN46 Olive Khaki
PN47 Dark Olive Khaki
PN48 Molasses
PN49 Dark Chocolate
PN50 Lite Avocado
PN52 Terracotta
PN53 Steel Gray
PN54 Dark Antique Blue
PN55 Dark Blue
PN57 Dark Raspberry

Rainbow Gallery - Patina
Product No: 699267
Supplier Code: RGPTNA

Designer/Artist: Rainbow Gallery
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 2.54

SALE PRICE: $ 2.03 - (SAVE 20 %)

15 yd cards. 100% Rayon. 14-18ct
Color:1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00
1 x --- add $0.00

If the optional fiber/beads package is offered above and the designer has specified the quantities needed to complete the above item - all the necessary supplies are included. If the chart does not specify the amounts needed you will receive at least one package/skein/spool of the materials listed on the chart - in those cases more may need to be purchased. If optional fiber package is not offered as an add on - the fibers are not included in the chart price.
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Rainbow Gallery - Persian
Product No: 786660
Supplier Code:

Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 1.95

SALE PRICE: $ 1.56 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint 10-18 Count Long Stitch 10 to 22 Count Cross Stitch 11-14 Count 100% Wool 20 Yards (18.3 Meters) Made in New Zealand Single strand wrapped on the card, 1 strand for 18 mesh 2 strands for 13 and 3 strands for 10 mesh. No fussing with different size strands and messy skeins.

click here to view larger image of Rainbow Gallery - Persian (fiber)

RP01 Black
RP02 White
RP03 Ecru
RP04 Begonia Pink
RP05 Very Berry
RP06 Purple Heart
RP07 Lemon
RP08 Orange Peel
RP09 Classic Green
RP10 Heritage Blue
RP11 Bonnie Blue
RP12 Floyal Blue
RP13 Nautical Blue
RP14 Fiery Red
RP15 Scarlet
RP16 Rio Red
RP17 Seafoam Green
RP18 Nile Green
RP19 Turf Green
RP20 Fairway Green
RP21 Lambs Wool
RP22 Cornsilk
RP23 Old Gold
RP24 Oak Bluff
RP25 Hazelnut

RP26 Camel
RP27 Cocoa Brown
RP28 Coffee Bean
RP29 Taos Taupe
RP30 Wind Chime
RP31 Steel Gray
RP32 Pewter
RP33 Carbon
RP34 Blue Heaven
RP35 Forever Blue
RP36 Lily Pad
RP37 Foliage Green
RP38 Porcelain
RP39 Lavender Fields
RP40 Angel Blue
RP41 Capri Breeze
RP42 Saffron
RP43 Pink Lady
RP44 Very Berry
RP45 Blue Bell
RP46 Country Blue
RP47 Paprika
RP48 Wild Lime
RP49 Greenery
RP50 English Ivy

RP51 daffodil
RP52 Sunflower
RP53 Skipper Blue
RP54 Peach Pearl
RP55 Coral
RP56 Apricot Blush
RP57 Golden Haze
RP58 Latte
RP59 Golden Brown
RP60 Green Pastures
RP61 Deep Periwinkle
RP62 Sunset Gold
RP63 Beet Red
RP64 Ice Green
RP65 Aqua Green
RP66 Mint Leaf
RP67 Chili Pepper
RP68 Baby Blue
RP69 English Manor
RP70 Smoke Green
RP71 Peach Sunrise
RP72 Salmon
RP73 Crab Apple
RP74 Autumn Leaf
RP75 Mahogany

RP76 Persian Violet
RP77 Frosted Grape
RP78 Winter White
RP79 Marina
RP80 Almost Apricot
RP81 Iris
RP82 Amethyst
RP83 Silver Cloud
RP84 Daring Indigo
RP85 Maple Syrup
RP86 Antique White
RP87 Mr. Blue Sky
RP88 Dress Blues
RP89 Flowering Cactus
RP90 Warm Taupe
RP91 Golden Nugget
RP92 Amaretto
RP93 Blueberry
RP94 Volcanic Ash
RP95 Classic Brown
RP96 Banana Pudding
RP97 Carmel Apple
RP98 Rawhide Laces
RP99 Powder Puff
RP100 Sky Blue

RP101 French Blue
RP102 Coral Sand
RP103 Coral Cove
RP104 Clay Pot
RP105 Lemon Drop
RP106 Angel Blue
RP107 Ponderosa Pine

Rainbow Gallery - Rainbow Linen
Product No: 701056
Supplier Code:

Designer/Artist: Rainbow Gallery
Publisher: Rainbow Gallery
Our Price: $ 3.69

SALE PRICE: $ 2.95 - (SAVE 20 %)

Needlepoint 18-24ct. Stitch doubled on 14ct Canvas. Cross stitch 14ct aida.
R401 Black
R402 White
R403 Ecru
R405 Pale Taupe
R416 Peach
R420 Dark Antique Rose
R423 Dark Rose
R446 French Blue
R447 Baby Blue
R453 Dark Periwinkle
R454 Wedgewood Blue
R457 Brown
R459 Yellow
R461 Caramel
R466 Warm Brown
R468 Goldenrod
R472 Taupe
R474 Dark Coral
R477 Lite Avocado
R479 Leaf Green
R480 Ginger Bread
R481 Autumn Leaf
R482 Alfalfa
R483 Warm Sand
R484 Slate Gray

R486 Honey Mustard
R487 Sedona Sage
R488 Moss
R489 Winter Moss
R490 Burnt Henna
R491 French Roast
R492 Greenery
R493 Gray Marble
R494 Winter Wheat
R495 Bright Chartreuse
R496 Meadow Green
R497 English Rose
R498 Purple Orchid
R499 Lunar Rock
R500 Gargoyle
R501 Nautical Blue
R502 Lemon Drop
R503 Pumpkin
R504 Harvest Pumpkin
R505 Persian Red
R506 Red Plum
R507 Grape Juice
R508 Blue Oasis
R509 Blarney Stone
R510 Yellow Iris

R511 Cameo Pink
R512 Dark Apricot
R513 Barely Blue
R514 Dusty Mauve
R515 Pink Lady

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