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paper weights


Acrylic Paper Weights
Product No: 7484
Supplier Code: 2730

Our Price: $ 6.40

Available in various shapes

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Ships in approximately 10 to 14 business days
Shapes Available:
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Glass Paperweight - Oval
Product No: 698846
Supplier Code: Y4556

Designer/Artist: Yarntree
Our Price: $ 9.50

Machine formed, this is an affordable alternative to the hand-formed glass paperweights. Some small bubbles, ripples, and flaws are to be expected in glass items. The exterior is slightly irregular in shape. 1/8 recessed bottom allows you to insert needlework, artwork or photos. Comes with precut cork backing and a Pres-On insert. Design size 4x 1.

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Ships in approximately 10-14 business days
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