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Glass Beads and Treasures


Mill Hill Small Bugle Beads
(glass treasure)
Product No: 679488
Supplier Code:

Designer/Artist: Mill Hill Small Bugle Beads
Publisher: Mill Hill

Our Price: $ 1.90

3.1 g package, approximately 6 mm long

click here to view larger image of Mill Hill Small Bugle Beads (glass treasure)

MH70020 Royal Blue
MH70123 Cream
MH70161 Crystal
MH70374 Rainbow
MH70479 White
MH70777 Potpourri
MH72001 Pearl
MH72003 Peach Creme
MH72005 Dusty Rose
MH72006 Ice Blue
MH72008 Sea Breeze
MH72009 Ice Lilac
MH72010 72010 Ice
MH72011 Victorian Gold
MH72012 Royal Plum
MH72013 Red Red
MH72014 Black
MH72020 Creme Dmint
MH72023 Root Beer
MH72035 Peppermint
MH72045 Willow
MH72051 Royal Mauve
MH72052 Red Velvet
MH72053 Nutmeg


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