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Needles In A Haystack
Product No: 692981
Supplier Code: MI1035KT01

Designer/Artist: CTR
Our Price: $ 76.00

This kit from CTR is wonderful for beginners, or for the seasoned needle puncher who wants to try all these great CTR products. Includes:CTR Punch Needles in sizes 1, 3, and 6; 5 Extra Threaders; Extra Gauges for all the needle sizes; Haystack Storage Box. Haystack Box, with magnetic inner lid keeps threaders from flying away, and has enough extra room to hold your thread snips or scissors, too.

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ships in approximately 10 to 14 business days
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Punch Embroidery Needle
Product No: 692982
Supplier Code:

Designer/Artist: CTR
Our Price: $ 20.50

The CTR needles are all metal, have comfortable handles, and come with pre-cut depth gauges to adjust the height of your loops; gauges can be cut into smaller pieces for precise adjustments by you. This is the only needle I know of that has a bevel indicator right on the handle to quickly you show you the direction the needle bevel is facing while you punch (a very clever and useful design feature.) You can also add a foam pencil grip to the handle for added comfort.

click here to view larger image of Punch Embroidery Needle  (accessory)

ships in approximately 10 to 14 business days
MI10350001 1 strand
MI10350003 3 strand
MI10350006 6 strand

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