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Valdani Threads

This page may not contain all items available from Valdani Threads. If you do not see what you are looking for please email us and if possible we will add the item to this page or order it for you.


Aviator, The - Ann Stokes
Product No: 768270
Supplier Code: STOKES12378

Designer/Artist: Heaven and Earth Designs
Publisher: Valdani Threads
Our Price: $ 23.00

SALE PRICE: $ 17.25 - (SAVE 25 %)

Finished Design Size 525w by 411h
(21 W X 16-3/8 H inches on 25ct fabric)
This design uses 85 colors of floss

click here to view larger image of Aviator, The - Ann Stokes (chart)

Ships in approximately 2 to 3 weeks
add extras:111 x DMC Floss --- add $120.99
1 x Upgrade to large print (4) --- add $4.00
1 x Lugana 25ct white/antique white 27x36 --- add $28.00

If the optional fiber/beads package is offered above and the designer has specified the quantities needed to complete the above item - all the necessary supplies are included. If the chart does not specify the amounts needed you will receive at least one package/skein/spool of the materials listed on the chart - in those cases more may need to be purchased. If optional fiber package is not offered as an add on - the fibers are not included in the chart price.
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Valdani Threads (6 ply skeins)
Product No: 693546
Supplier Code:

Publisher: Valdani Threads
Our Price: $ 3.30

SALE PRICE: $ 2.64 - (SAVE 20 %)

All the Valdani threads are COLORFAST! 10 Yard skeins.

click here to view larger image of Valdani Threads (6 ply skeins) (fiber)

ships in approximately 2 to 3 weeks
VA126 Old Cottage Grey
VA178 Tea Dyed Stone
VA12V1 Orange Blossom
VA41 Deep Forest Greens
VA501 Ebony Almond
VA503 Garnets
VA505 Toffee
VA506 Cinnamon Swirl
VA507 Rich Wine
VA510 Terracotta Twist
VA511 Black Sea
VA512 Chimney Dust
VA513 Coffee Roast
VA514 Wheat Husk
VA515 Midnight Blue
V2518 Dusty Leaves
VA519 Green Olives
VA521 Mulberry Grape
VA522 Raspberry
VA524 Maroon Moss
VA526 Green Pastures
VA531 Black Nut
VA533 Golden Autumn
VA536 Dark Spruce
VA537 Sea Deep

VA538 Cottage Smoke
VA539 Evergreens
VA541 Mauve Orchid
VA542 Vintage Lavender
VA543 Lime Sherbet
VA544 Pond Ripple
VA545 Primitive White
VA547 Burnt Chocolate
VA548 Blackened Khaki Brown
VA553 Black Reds
VA558 Blue Suave
VA559 Watery Weed
VA565 Icy Leaves
VA569 Sage Tree
VA571 Tea Honey
VA574 Dried Leaves
VA575 Crispy Leaf
VA576 Weathered Hay
VA578 Primitive Blue
VA579 Faded Olive
VA775 Proud Turkey
VA811 Brick Light
VA812 Brick Medium
VA813 Dark Brick
VA86 Ripened Plum

VA861 Faded Rust Light
VA862 Faded Rust Medium
VA863 Rust Dark
VA891 Juniper Light
VAJP1 Sunwashed
VAJP10 Cape Cod Cottage
VAJP11 Heavenly Hue
VAJP12 Seaside
VAJP2 Spun Gold
VAJP3 Sweet Violets
VAJP4 Pale Petals
VAJP5 Nantucked Rose
VAJP6 Muddy Pots
VAJP7 Faded Marygold
VAJP8 Spring Leaves
VAJP9 Herb Garden
VAM1 Strawberry Cream
VAM1001 Vanilla Sky
VAM12 Spring Light
VAM18 Iris Petals
VAM19 Olives
VAM23 Neutrals & Naturals
VAM24 Water Reflections
VAM28 Harvest
VAM30 Deep Waters

VAM43 Vibrant Red
VAM49 Subtle Elegance
VAM42 Summer Sky
VAM53 Moonlit Mountains
VAM58 Midnight Seas
VAM60 Mountain Hike
VAM68 Blue Clouds
VAM78 Copper Leaf
VAM80 Distant Grass
VAM81 Backyard Honeycomb
VAM82 Backyard Greenfield
VAM90 Chocalate Brownie
VAM91 Black Night
VAM93 Silver Foam
VAP1 Old Brick
VAP10 Antique Violet
VAP11 Aged Black
VAP12 Brown
VAP2 Olive Green
VAP3 Aged White-Medium
VAP4 Aged White-Light
VAP5 Tarnished Gold
VAP6 Rusted Orange
VAP7 Withered Blue
VAP8 Old Rose

VAP9 Bronze
VAS59 Soft Banana
VAS76 Christmas Red
VAV3122 Victorian Mauves
VAV4 Golden Browns


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