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Cross Stitch and Needlework Fabrics

We have tried to list a wide selection of fabrics, a lot of these fabrics are only available to us in 1 yard measurements. We realize that many people require smaller amounts to suit a special project and for that reason we will try and provide smaller amounts if possible - usually these will be in quarter and half yard quantities. Some of these smaller quantities have been listed but if you do not find a quarter or half yard of your desired fabric - please contact us and we will advise if we can provide it and what the cost and approximate delivery date will be.

Handy calculator for sizing your fabric.

Charles Craft

Many of the Charles Craft fabrics are packaged in tubes - in order to keep your shipping costs as low as possible we usually remove the fabric from the tube and instead package it in a zip lock bag for shipping.

  • Charles Craft Aida 11ct
  • Charles Craft Aida 14ct
  • Charles Craft Aida 16ct
  • Charles Craft Aida 18ct
  • Charles Craft Fiddlers
  • Charles Craft Hardanger
  • Charles Craft Irish Linen
  • Charles Craft Monaco

  • Hand Dyed Fabrics

  • Country Stitch Kiwi Illusions
  • Country Stitch Kiwi Sparkles
  • Crossed Wing Collection Hand Dyed Linen 28ct
  • Dames of the Needle Hand Dyed Fabric
  • Enchanting Lair Fabrics
  • Lakeside Linens
  • Legacy Linen
  • Legacy Linen - Dower Quality
  • Picture This Plus Hand Dyed Fabrics
  • Polstitches
  • Primitive Hare Fabric
  • R and R Reproduction Linens
  • Silkweaver Hand Dyed Fabrics
  • Silkweaver Reflections/Opalescent
  • Stitches and Spice Hand Dyed Linen
  • Weeks Dye Works Gingham Linen - 28ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 20ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 30ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 32ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 35ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 36ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Linen 40 ct
  • Weeks Dye Works Wool Fabric
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Aida 14ct
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Aida 16ct
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Jobelan
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Linen 28ct
  • Wichelt Hand Dyed Linen 32ct

  • Other Fabrics

  • Aida Country French Soft Touch
  • Banding
  • DMC Impressions
  • Glasgow Linen
  • Graziano - 40ct Ricamo
  • Graziano Patterned Fabrics
  • Hardanger 22ct
  • Heatherfield 10 Count Fabric
  • Jobelan 20ct
  • Jobelan 25ct
  • Jobelan 28ct
  • Jobelan 32ct
  • Klostern
  • Linen Cork
  • Lugana 20ct (Bellana)
  • Lugana 25ct
  • Lugana 28ct (Brittney)
  • Lugana 32ct (Murano)
  • Mono Canvas Deluxe Zweigart
  • Newport Linen - 28ct
  • Northern Cross Linen 27ct
  • Northern Cross Linen 30ct
  • Northern Cross Linen 35ct
  • Pearl Linen - Zweigart
  • Petitpoint Canvas - Mono
  • Quaker Cloth, 28ct
  • Salem Cloth
  • Silk Gauze
  • Stitchband
  • Tula 10ct
  • Vinyl Weave
  • Waste Canvas
  • Wexford 32ct Linen
  • Wichelt 14ct Aida
  • Wichelt 16ct Aida
  • Wichelt 18ct Aida
  • Wichelt 20ct Aida
  • Wichelt Betsy Ross Linen 10ct
  • Wichelt Canvas Interlocking
  • Wichelt Country French Aida 14ct
  • Wichelt Country French Aida 16ct
  • Wichelt Country French Linen 28ct
  • Wichelt Country French Linen 32ct
  • Wichelt Linen 18ct
  • Wichelt Linen 22ct
  • Wichelt Linen 26ct
  • Wichelt Linen 28ct
  • Wichelt Linen 30ct
  • Wichelt Linen 32ct
  • Wichelt Linen 35ct
  • Wichelt Linen 40ct
  • Zweigart Davosa 18ct
  • Zweigart Aida 11ct
  • Zweigart Aida 14ct
  • Zweigart Aida 16ct
  • Zweigart Aida 18ct
  • Zweigart Aida 20ct
  • Zweigart Aida 8ct
  • Zweigart Belfast Linen 32ct
  • Zweigart Cashel Linen 28ct
  • Zweigart Congress Cloth 24ct
  • Zweigart Cork (18ct) Linen
  • Zweigart Cork 19ct Linen
  • Zweigart Dublin Linen 25ct
  • Zweigart Edinburgh Linen 36ct
  • Zweigart Jazlyn 28ct
  • Zweigart Linda
  • Zweigart Newcastle Linen 40ct

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