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Thread Magic
Product No: 825271
Supplier Code: TH3

Designer/Artist: Taylor Seville

Our Price: $ 14.00

Prevents tangling & fraying. Strengthens thread. Safe for threads & fabric. Does not melt or freeze. Reduces hand fatigue. Eliminates static. Acid free.

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Ships in 2-3 weeks
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Thread Magic Thread Conditioner
Product No: 793341
Supplier Code: 7419

Designer/Artist: Taylor Seville
Publisher: Taylor Seville

Our Price: $ 11.00

Thread Magic Thread Conditioner is a unique, completely safe chemical compound. Thread Magic helps the thread move through the material with far less drag than uncoated thread. Works especially well on metallics, silks, and rayon threads to make them more pliable and easier to use. Thread Magic is chemically inert and will not react with the fibers. Made in the USA.

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Ships in approximately 10 to 14 business days
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