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Glass Beads and Treasures


Mill Hill Pebble Beads
(glass treasure)
Product No: 679492
Supplier Code:

Publisher: Mill Hill
Our Price: see below

30 pebble beads per pack

click here to view larger image of Mill Hill Pebble Beads (glass treasure)

Color:MH05002 Yellow Creme --- add $1.80
MH05011 Victorian Gold --- add $1.80
MH05015 Citrus --- add $1.80
MH05016 Matte Fiesta Sunset --- add $2.18
MH05021 Silver --- add $1.80
MH05022 Frosted O6al Capri --- add $1.80
MH05025 Ruby --- add $1.80
MH05081 Black Forest --- add $1.80
MH05086 Midnight Rainbow --- add $1.80
MH05145 Pale Pink --- add $1.80
MH05147 Oriental Pearl --- add $1.80
MH05161 Crystal --- add $1.80
MH05168 Sapphire --- add $1.80
MH05202 Amethyst --- add $1.80
MH05270 Bottle Green --- add $1.80
MH05311 Pebble Gray --- add $2.18
MH05555 New Penny --- add $1.80
MH05557 Old Gold --- add $1.80
MH05609 Opal Smokey Topaz --- add $1.80

If the optional fiber/beads package is offered above and the designer has specified the quantities needed to complete the above item - all the necessary supplies are included. If the chart does not specify the amounts needed you will receive at least one package/skein/spool of the materials listed on the chart - in those cases more may need to be purchased. If optional fiber package is not offered as an add on - the fibers are not included in the chart price.
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