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Glass Beads and Treasures


Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads
(glass treasure)
Product No: 9582
Supplier Code: MH00020-65270

Publisher: Mill Hill

Our Price: $ 1.90

approx beads 4.54 grams=500 4 grams=400 2.85 grams =250

click here to view larger image of Mill Hill Glass Seed Beads (glass treasure)

MH00020 Royal Blue
MH00081 Jet
MH00123 Cream
MH00128 Yellow
MH00143 Robin Blue
MH00145 Pink
MH00146 Light Blue
MH00148 Pale Peach (Light Yellow)
MH00150 Gray
MH00151 Ash Mauve
MH00161 Crystal
MH00165 Christmas Red
MH00167 Christmas Green
MH00168 Sapphire
MH00206 Violet
MH00221 Bronze
MH00252 Iris
MH00275 Coral
MH00283 Mercury
MH00330 Copper
MH00332 Emerald
MH00358 Cobalt Blue
MH00367 Garnet
MH00374 Rainbow
MH00423 tangerine

MH00431 Jade
MH00479 White
MH00525 Light Green
MH00553 Old Rose
MH00556 Antique Silver
MH00557 Gold
MH00561 Ice Green
MH00777 Potpourri
MH00968 Red
MH02001 Pearl
MH02002 Yellow Creme
MH02003 Peach Creme
MH02004 Rose
MH02005 Dusty Rose
MH02006 Ice Blue
MH02007 Satin Blue
MH02008 Sea Breeze
MH02009 Ice Lilac
MH02010 Ice
MH02011 Victorian Gold
MH02012 Royal Plum
MH02013 Red
MH02014 Black
MH02015 Sea Blue
MH02016 Crystal Mint

MH02017 Crystal Aqua
MH02018 Crystal Pink
MH02019 Crystal Honey
MH02020 Creme D'mint
MH02021 Gunmetal
MH02022 Silver
MH02023 Root Beer
MH02024 Heather Mauve
MH02025 Heather
MH02026 Crystal Blue
MH02031 Citron
MH02033 Brilliant Orange
MH02034 Autumn Flame
MH02035 Shimmering Apricot
MH02036 Shimmering Bittersweet
MH02037 Sheer Cinnamon
MH02038 Brilliant Copper
MH02039 Matte Maize
MH02040 Light Amber
MH02041 Maple
MH02042 Matte Pumpkin
MH02043 Matte Pomegranate
MH02044 Allspice
MH02045 Sante Fe Sunset
MH02046 Matte Willow

MH02047 Soft Willow
MH02048 Golden Olive
MH02049 Dark Basil
MH02050 Matte Chocolate
MH02051 Nutmeg
MH02052 Dark Coral
MH02053 Opaque Celadon
MH02054 Brilliant Shamrock
MH02055 Brilliant Green
M02056 Sable
MH02057 Sea Breeze
MH02058 Crayon White
MH02059 Crayon Yellow
MH02061 Crayon Dark Orange
MH02062 Light Crimson
MH02063 Crayon Crimson
MH02064 Crayon Sky Blue
MH02065 Crayon Royal Blue
MH02066 Crayon
MH02068 Crayon Brown
MH02069 Crayon Purple
MH02070 Sea Mist
MH02071 Opaque Seafoam
MH02072 Teal
MH02073 Matte Dark Teal

MH02074 Brilliant Teal
MH02075 Grenadine
MH02076 Elderberry
MH02077 Brilliant Magenta
MH02078 Wild Plum
MH02079 Matte Wisteria
MH02080 Dark Plum
MH02081 Matte Lilac
MH02082 Opaque Hyacinth
MH02083 Light Mauve
MH02084 Shimmering Lilac
MH02085 Brilliant Orchid
MH02087 Shimmering Sea
MH02088 Opal Capri
MH02089 Brilliant Sea Blue
MH02090 Brilliant Navy
MH02091 Purple Blue
MH02092 Dark Denim
MH02094 Crayon Opaque Moss
MH02095 Crayon Indigo Passion
MH02096 Orange
MH02097 Bahama Blue
MH02098 Pine Green
MH02099 Ruby
MH2101 Purple

MH02103 Periwinkle
MH02104 Grasshopper
MH02105 Sweet Corn
MH02700 Clear Low
MH02722 Green Glow
MH02721 Yellow Glow
MH02723 Aqua Glow
MH02724 Pink Glow
MH02799 Ice Glow
MH03002 Midnight
MH03003 Antique Cranberry
MH03004 Eggplant
MH03005 Platinum Rose
MH03007 Silver Moon
MH03008 Pewter
MH03009 Charcoal
MH03010 State Blue
MH03011 Pebble Grey
MH03012 Autumn Heather
MH03013 Stormy Blue Heather
MH03014 Matte Olive
MH03015 Snow White
MH03016 Vanilla
MH03017 Peachy Blush
MH03018 Coral Reef

MH03019 Soft Mauve
MH03020 Dusty Mauve
MH03021 Royal Pearl
MH03022 Royal Teal
MH03023 Platinum Violet
MH03024 Mocha
MH03025 Wild Berry
MH03026 Wild Blueberry
MH03027 Caspian Blue
MH03028 Juniper Green
MH03029 Autumn Green
MH03030 Camouflage
MH03031 Smokey Heather
MH03033 Claret
MH03034 Royal Amethyst
MH03035 Royal Green
MH03036 Cognac
MH03037 Abalone
MH03038 Antique Ginger
MH03039 Antique Champagne
MH03040 Flat Black
MH03042 Indigo
MH03043 Oriental Red
MH03044 Crystal Lilac
MH03045 Metallic Lilac

MH03046 Matte Cadet Blue
MH03047 Blue Iris
MH03048 Cinnamon Red
MH03049 Rich Red
MH03050 Champagne Ice
MH03051 Misty
MH03052 Desert Peach
MH03053 Purple Passion
MH03054 Desert Sand
MH03055 Bay Leaf
MH03056 Antique Red
MH03057 Cherry Sorbet
MH03058 Mardi Gras Red
MH03059 Green Velvet
MH03060 Sage Blue
MH03061 Matte Periwinkle
MH03062 Blue Velvet
MH03063 Blue Twilight
MH03501 Satin Blush
MH03502 Satin Willow
MH03503 Satin Cranberry
MH03504 Satin Moss
MH03505 Satin Purple
MH03506 Satin Stone
MH03507 Satin Turquoise

MH03545 Satin Lilac
MH03550 Satin Chocolate
MH03553 Satin Old Rose
MH03557 Satin Old Gold
MH03561 Satin Ice Green
MH03575 Satin Coral
MH60020 Royal Blue
MH60161 Crystal
MH60168 Sapphire
MH60367 Garnet
MH60479 White
MH62004 Tea Rose
MH62005 Dusty Rose
MH62010 Ice
MH62012 Royal Plum
MH62013 Red Red
MH62014 Black
MH62020 Creme Dmint
MH62021 Gunmetal
MH62023 Root Beer
MH62024 Heather Mauve
MH62031 Gold
MH62032 Cranberry
MH62033 Dusty Pink
MH62034 Blue Violet

MH62036 Pink Coral
MH62037 Mauve
MH62038 Aquamarine
MH62039 Ivory Creme
MH62040 Apricot
MH62041 Buttercup
MH62042 Royal Purple
MH62043 Denim
MH62044 Autumn
MH62046 Pale Blue
MH62047 Lavender
MH62048 Pink Parfait
MH62049 Spring Green
MH62056 Boysenberry
MH62057 Khaki
MH65270 Bottle Green


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