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Fabric Glue Stick
Product No: 686341
Supplier Code: Y7702

Publisher: Pyrm-Dritz
Our Price: $ 2.70

Glue Stick. Handy adhesive in a tube. Water soluble. Made for fabrics, but also works on paper. We use it to close the back of the needlework cards as it does not wrinkle the paper.

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Zero Center Tape Measure
Product No: 821856
Supplier Code: 2195

Designer/Artist: Pyrm-Dritz
Our Price: $ 7.50

Use this tape measure to find out how far things are from the center. It helps position where things go. Markings from 1" to 144" on one side for a regular measuring tape; centering tape goes from 72" to 0" to 72" on the other side. Needleworkers can use to measure from the center of their fabric to the top or side, so you can start in anther spot besides the center! Can be used for longarm quilting frames, too.

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