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Teaspoon Collection Series
(button pack)
Product No: 706779
Supplier Code:

Designer/Artist: Just Another Button Company
Our Price: see below

A monthly series from Just Another Button Company, beginning in January 2010. It will last for 14 months. The first 4 teaspoons will arrive during the first 4 months, and then the design for the top of the display case will shipped in month 5. Directions will tell you where to place each spoon on your fabric. The model is stitched on 30ct. Picture This Plus Fossil hand-dyed 28ct cashel is also recommended. Button pack and chart come together.

click here to view larger image of Teaspoon Collection Series (button pack)

Add supplies:JAB9047 January Button Pack --- add $7.20
JAB9048 February Button Pack --- add $7.20
JAB9049 March Button Pack --- add $7.20
JAB9050 April Button Pack --- add $8.06
JAB9051 Top of Display Case Button Pack --- add $14.46
JAB9052 May Button Pack --- add $8.20
JAB9053 June Button Pack --- add $7.40
JAB9054 July Button Pack --- add $7.00
JAB9055 August Button Pack --- add $5.80
JAB9056 September Button Pack --- add $7.80
JAB9057 October Button Pakc --- add $7.60
JAB9058 November Button Pack --- add $6.30
JAB9059 December Button Pack --- add $7.20
JAB9060 Bottom of Display Case Button Pack --- add $19.00
FQ PTP hand-dyed Fossil Aida 14ct --- add $17.50
add fabric:1 x Weeks Dye Works - 30ct - 27x18 (Havana) --- add $25.50
1 x PTP - 28ct Cashel - 18x27 (Fossil) --- add $28.00

If the optional fiber/beads package is offered above and the designer has specified the quantities needed to complete the above item - all the necessary supplies are included. If the chart does not specify the amounts needed you will receive at least one package/skein/spool of the materials listed on the chart - in those cases more may need to be purchased. If optional fiber package is not offered as an add on - the fibers are not included in the chart price.
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